Why is pool maintenance important?

Why is Pool Maintenance Important? Your pool is an investment. Just like other big purchases in your life, like a house or car, your pool requires maintenance to ensure that it works properly. In the same way that you have your gutters cleaned to prevent unnecessary damage to your home, or get the brakes serviced on your car, owning a pool requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Why is pool maintenance important? One of the most important factors of pool maintenance is keeping your water chemistry properly balanced. When your water is not balanced, a number of issues can arise including damage to your pool equipment and handrails, irritation to your skin and eyes while swimming, reducing the life of your pool liner and more. Over time, a lack of maintenance can cause you to spend more money than would otherwise be needed to replace parts. What kind of maintenance is needed? It’s important to maintain your water chemistry and ensure that your pH, chlorine and calcium levels are accurate. How do you know if your water is balanced? Our DOOR TO DOOR water testing program is one of the easiest ways to get an analysis of your water and a chemical recommendation plan. You’ll also need to remove any debris, bacteria and algae that have formed in your pool to keep it safe for swimming. Updating pool parts, like your filter is also important for keeping your pool functioning. It’s easy to remember maintenance for the interior of your pool, but you can’t forget about cleaning the exterior of your pool area to prevent build-up from forming that can cause damage over time. Do I need a professional for pool maintenance? We understand that it can be tempting to have a do-it-yourself mindset when it comes to pool maintenance. It often seems easier to make your best guess and buy pool chemicals online than it is to come into a store to talk with a professional. However, to go back to the car example above, in general, people go to a professional to get their brakes replaced, because trying to do that yourself could lead to damage to your car. You should think of your pool’s maintenance the same way. While there are certain things you can do yourself, we always recommend working with a professional to extend the life of your pool. Stop by one of our stores or give us a call at 011 3833003 to learn more about our maintenance services.

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