How to choose the correct pool cleaner

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With so many amazing pool cleaning brands and products available, finding the perfect pool cleaner can sometimes seem a little challenging. The Pool Team have put together a list of considerations, to help you select the perfect product for your swimming pool. Don’t forget, you can always pop into POOL DUDEZ OR WHATSAPP US ON 061 568 2399 and chat to an expert!


The first thing to consider when selecting a pool cleaner is the size of your pool. Different pool cleaners are designed for different sized pools. They also require different electrical supplies when looking at pool cleaners – the bigger the pool, the more electricity is required to clean it. A large pool will take a longer amount of time to clean and will, therefore, need to use more electricity.


The dirt and debris that your pool collects is also a factor when considering pool cleaners. If your pool tends to collect a lot leaves, a smaller and simple pool cleaner may not be as effective as you need it to be. However, if you find that your pool collects sand but not much else, a smaller automatic suction cleaners will do the trick. Larger debris require a more powerful suction system in comparison to dirt such as sand which is easier to clean up.


Pool cleaners come in four distinct styles and each style has its own specific functions. Suction side cleaners rely on a hose and the pool’s filtration system, pressure side cleaners are best at dislodging dirt by using turbulence, robotic cleaners have microchips and motors and solar powered cleaners skim the dirt away from the surface. When selecting your pool cleaner – chat to The POOL DUDEZ expert about your requirements and they’ll help you find the correct cleaner for you.


Although the main focus of automatic pool cleaners is to clean your pool and save you time and money, just like with any machine there are always maintenance costs that need to be taken into consideration. When choosing a pool cleaner ensure that you find out all the information regarding parts and what you need to make the pool cleaner work in the long run.


As with anything, your budget and what you are willing to spend make up a huge component of your decisions. Prices vary when it comes to pool cleaners and you should consult an experienced sales assistant that is able to provide you with all the information regarding the pool cleaner choices in your price category.

Cleaning Your Pool Can Be Hard Work. Robotic Pool Cleaners Have Been One Of The Top Innovations In The Pool World.

Cleaning your pool can often be tedious and hard work. Getting down to the depths of your pool to vacuum and scrubbing all the sides takes a lot of time. One of the top innovations in the pool world recently has been the use of robotic pool cleaners. These cleaners are automated, safe, and simple to use. You simply throw the cleaner in your pool, and let it do the work for you!

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Robotic pool cleaners are basically underwater vacuum cleaners. Think of these devices like an underwater Roomba device. These devices all have an internal electric motor that propels them forward and cleans your pool. Sensors in the devices detect walls and other obstacles that could impede their hard work. These machines also sink to the bottom of the surface without any needed help. 

Electricity and Water Mix? What a shock

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Electricity and water do not mix”. You usually would be correct, but robotic pool cleaners have found a way to inch around this fact. These machines are installed with electric engines, but they always operate at a voltage that is below the level that would electrocute the water. The engines are usually powered with 120V outlets. This energy then is converted to low-powered 24V energy that is safe for use in water. On top of this, the machines also have mini filters installed in them that allow the water vacuumed up to be cleaned and injected back into the pool. This means you won’t lose water level by using this device, and the water will be cleaner than before.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Artificial Intelligence

The last fact about these robots that make them so innovative is the sophistication of the robots. Most cutting-edge robotic cleaners are installed with chips that determine the most efficient and deep way to clean the pool. They also are often installed with chips that allow them to be programmed to clean at a certain time. This can set up “cycles” that allow the robot to function independently from you, and even when you are not present to supervise. You will just need to make sure the robot is charged and connected to power, and the rest is up to technology.

More on Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are the evolution of the vacuums previously discussed. Like previously stated, this vacuum works independently of you and works at a higher efficiency. However, most robotic cleaners also have a remote control that allows the consumer to drive the robot and perform the task yourself. This will ensure a full clean, and honestly, is a lot of fun.

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