How to choose the correct pool cleaner

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With so many amazing pool cleaning brands and products available, finding the perfect pool cleaner can sometimes seem a little challenging. The Pool Team have put together a list of considerations, to help you select the perfect product for your swimming pool. Don’t forget, you can always pop into POOL DUDEZ OR WHATSAPP US ON 061 […]

The Relationship Between pH and Total Alkalinity

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Maintaining Both PH And Total Alkalinity In Your Swimming Pool Is Important For Keeping Your Pool Properly Sanitized And Non-Corrosive. Total Alkalinity Is To PH What Cyanuric Acid Is To Free Chlorine. Total Alkalinity Stabilizes PH Levels. The Ideal Pool PH Level Is 7.4 To 7.6. The Ideal Total Alkalinity Level Is 80 To 120 […]

What is Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, and Total Chlorine?

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Chlorine Quick Answers What is Free Chlorine – Free Chlorine is the amount of chlorine that has not yet combined with chlorinated water to sanitize contaminants. What is Combined Chlorine – Combined chlorine is an intermediate breakdown product that is created in the process of sanitizing the pool. What is Total Chlorine – Total chlorine is the sum […]

How to Maintain a Salt Water Pool: A Complete Guide

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What’s the best thing about a salt water pool? If you ask homeowners who have them, they’ll probably say they like that they don’t have to buy chlorine anymore. That’s because salt water pools create their own chlorine through a process known as electrolysis. Other benefits include no smelly chloramines, softer water, and less maintenance. […]

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