KOI POND GRAVITY BIO FILTER COMBO UNIT (Pond Volume: 4000l, 35l/min)

KOI POND GRAVITY BIO FILTER COMBO UNIT (Pond Volume: 4000l, 35l/min)

The UltraZap Gravity Fed Pond Filter is a comprehensive and portable filtration system designed to maintain clear and healthy water in your koi pond or fish tank. This external gravity filter system brings together mechanical and biological filtration, along with UV sterilization, in a single unit, ensuring optimum water quality and clarity.

Key Features:

  • UV Sterilization: Integrated with an 8W UV sterilizer, it effectively reduces pathogens and green water algae, keeping the water clear.
  • BioBlocks and Sponge Filter Set: Utilizes a combination of sponge filters for mechanical filtration and BioBlocks for biological filtration, effectively breaking down harmful waste into less toxic forms.
  • Gravity Return System: Designed for ease of maintenance, this external filter must be positioned such that its base is at least 20 cm above the water level in the pond or fishtank. This setup ensures the filter’s interior level remains higher than that of the pond, facilitating a gravity-based return system.
  • Complete Media Included: Comes pre-packed with foam, gauze, and bioballs, providing a complete solution for immediate setup and operation.


  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: As a portable unit, it offers the flexibility of easy setup and maintenance without the need for permanent installation.
  • Enhanced Water Quality: By combining mechanical, biological, and UV filtration, it ensures the highest water quality, promoting a healthy environment for aquatic life.
  • Efficient Flow Rate Management: Designed to handle a flow rate of 35L/min, it’s capable of servicing ponds up to 4000 liters, making it an ideal choice for medium-sized ponds.

Installation Note:

For optimal performance, ensure that the UltraZap Gravity Fed Pond Filter is installed correctly, with the base positioned at least 20 cm above the pond or fishtank’s water level. This precaution prevents overflow and ensures the effective return of filtered water by gravity

Original price was: R3,099.99.Current price is: R2,499.99.

KOI POND GRAVITY BIO FILTER COMBO UNIT (Pond Volume: 4000l, 35l/min)
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