Back Up® – Prevent Algae Before It Starts!

An excellent algae inhibitor! Formulated to complement swimming pool water being treated with normal sanitizer systems. Strongest algae protection available. Becomes more effective as pool water gets warmer.


  • Prevents a wide species of algae
  • Economical
  • Lasts Longer
  • Maintains efficiency
  • Effective in summer heat
  • Works where algae accumulates
  • Wont stain surfaces

Prevent algae before it becomes an issue

The addition of algaecide is needed for proper pool maintenance. Sanitizers or shock/oxidizers alone may not keep algae at bay and this step is needed to keep your pool completely clear of any growth. This is the third part of the BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care System.

BioGuard Back Up Algaecide is BioGuard’s most effective algae preventative. The highly effective formula prevents wide variety of algae growth. It’s stable in sunlight and will not evaporate. The activity of this product increases as water temperature rises, which is when you need protection the most. Back Up has a powerful surfactant / wetting agent, which makes it able to work in the tiny cracks and crevices where algae starts. This product will not affect pH levels and is non-staining.

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