Polysheen® Blue is used to clear up cloudy water fast. It works on small suspended particles in the water.


Concentrated water clarifier for all pool types
Helps make water beautifully clear
Does not require dilution
Combines small particles into larger ones for easy removal by the filter
Highly concentrated so a little goes a long way
Can be used in all pool and filter types
Does not effect pH

Why take the additional step of an enhancer?
Your pool is your investment. Having beautiful, sparkling clean water allows you to enjoy spending time in your pool. Enhancers bring out the beauty in your water and keep your filter working at maximum efficiency so you have more time in the pool instead of outside of it.

When you use BIOGUARD® products, you are enlisting a group of individuals whose expertise is unsurpassed in the spa and pool industry; whose dedication and purpose is making your spa or pool the most enjoyable and trouble-free experience that you and your family will ever have.

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