The AQUAFLO range of sand filters has all the features and quality that you as a customer require.
Supply and Install 2 BAG AQUAFLO sand filter with a choice of :
ECO CLEAR Glass (Recommended)
ECO FIBRE Sponge Media

Includes removal of old pool filter (ABOVE GROUND ON FLAT SURFACE ONLY), traveling ,pipework (max 2m) fittings and unions.

The AQUAFLO range of sand filters has a seamless, one piece moulded polyethylene tank. Fitted complete with our smooth operating side mounted Multiport valve for easy selection of standard operating features. The AQUAFLO range of sand filters is strong, reliable and simple to operate. They feature non-corrosive high flow ABS internal components and an automatic internal air relief system. The AQUAFLO range of sand filters is fully factory tested and under normal operating conditions carry a 3 year ex-factory warranty on the tank, the Multiport VALVES carry a 1 year ex-factory warranty valve and internal parts from date of purchase. We will beat any quote!

Recommended pool volume to pump & filter sizes:

0.45kw/0.6kw pool pump / 2 bag sand filter / 20’000 – 50’000 litre pool

0.75kw pool pump / 3 bag sand filter / 50’000 – 85’000 litre pool

1.1kw pool pump / 4 bag sand filter / 85’000 – 150’000 litre pool

However, please note that when replacing your pool sand filter only, we recommend matching it to your current pool pump size as your new filter warranty will be void if installed on a larger pool pump than what is recommended above. (Example: A 3 bag filter on a 1.1kw pump is not advised)

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