Does cleaning my filter really make that much of a difference?

Yes! Having a clean filter makes a significant impact on the quality of your pool’s water. A clean filter allows for proper filtration which is essential to achieving and maintaining safe, crystal clear water.

Strip Kwik®

Removes oils and greases from diatomaceous earth filters, spa cartridges and sand filters. Lengthens filter cycles and promotes filter efficiency. BioGuard Strip Kwik should be used before the start and at the end of each swimming season to control scale and to remove build-up of oils and greases on the filter media. It is highly recommended to cleanse filter media with Strip Kwik® after algae infestations.


  • Improves filtration/circulation
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Less water wasted
  • Less work
  • Works on all filter types

By using BioGuard Strip Kwik seasonally to chemically clean the filter you increase the health of the pool. Two thirds of all pool problems result from poor filtration and circulation of the pool water. By keeping the filter clean you ensure the water remains clear and chemicals applied to the pool are circulated properly and work effectively. The result… Clean, Clear, Algae-Free Water.

For a healthy pool, use BioGuard STRIP KWIK. A Seasonal application of STRIP KWIK not only chemically cleans scale, greases and oils from the filter media which improves filtration and circulation of the pool water, it also extends the life of the filter media making it an easy and convenient alternative to replacement.

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