Product Description:

This high-quality swimming pool salt, containing sodium chloride, is suitable for use with salt chlorinators. The amount of salt required depends on various factors, including rainfall, pool usage, and backwashing frequency. Regular cleaning of chlorine generator cells is essential to prevent calcification and corrosion, ensuring adequate chlorine production.

Size: 25 kg

Application Instructions:

Step 1: Determine the necessary salt level for your pool, consulting the chlorinator’s owner’s manual.

Step 2: Measure the current salt level using a salt water test strip.

Step 3: Refer to “How much salt should I use?” in the FAQs below for recommended salt quantities.

Step 4: Before adding salt, turn off the chlorinator at the control unit. Keep the pump on to circulate water and aid salt dissolution.

Step 5: Avoid pouring salt directly into the pool weir. Instead, place the salt in the shallow end, avoiding direct contact with the pool lining. Allow up to 24 hours for complete dissolution. Once dissolved, remove any floating bags and related equipment.

Step 6: After the salt has dissolved, reactivate the chlorinator and check for a salt level around 3,500 PPM. Avoid exceeding 4,500 PPM to prevent reducing the life of the electrolytic cell.

Note: If you estimate needing 10 bags, add only 9 initially. After dissolution, retest the salt level before adding the final bag.

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