The Best Solar Heating Bubble Cover Available

For pool owners wishing to increase their pool water temperature, the Sol+Guard™ GeoBubble heating cover is one of the most intelligent and affordable ways to generate free energy and transfer this heat to pool water. This eco-smart cover is top of its class when it comes to maximum solar gain and, of all covers in the range, Sol+Guard has the most dramatic effect on raising a pool’s water temperature.

The Solar Cover is a geobubble of 500 micron per square meter. The 500Mmic GeoBubble Cover is designed to utilise the sun’s rays to gradually warm the entire pool using solar energy only. This cover includes a protective cover to keep it safe when not in use. Note: If you cannot find the size you are looking for at our Online store, kindly contact us at sales@onlinepoolstore.co.za  or Whatsapp support +27 64 534 4691 for enquiries about custom-sized solar covers. Size: 2 x 2 meters (4 square meters) Benefits: A longer swimming season: The water temperature is raised by 6 to 8° C which extends the swimming season either side of summer. Heat retention: For heated pools, a thermal cover is the most effective way to prevent heat loss into the atmosphere. It also protects against overnight drops in temperature, and solar panels and heat pumps are notably more effective where the cover is in use. Reduces evaporation by 98%+: Because the cover is in direct contact with the water, it cannot evaporate, translating into significant water savings. Convenience: It prevents dirt and debris collecting in the pool, so the water is kept cleaner, and pool maintenance is reduced. Environmental benefits: Reduces the carbon footprint of the swimming pool by using less energy to heat and clean the pool. The cover is water-wise too, given the reduction in evaporation. Chlorine naturally dissipates in sunlight and can cause greenhouse gas emissions, but with this cover, this is prevented. Noteworthy household savings on power, chemicals and water.
Please note that the GeoBubble range of covers are not child safety covers. 
This product is not a stock item and will take 5 to 7 working days to manufacture.

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