Smart Tabs

Smart Tabs is a slow dissolving sanitizer specially formulated with SmartGuard® an erosion control agent that makes it gentle on pool surfaces and equipment. The 200g tablets are designed for weir application. This patented formula significantly slows dissolving when the pump is not running. For this reason Smart Tabs last up to twice as long as ordinary tabs. For most applications, Smart Tabs will need to be replaced weekly. BioGuard Smart Tabs are just what the name implies, SMART 3 inch chlorine tablet. The concentrate long lasting tabs are just what the cost saving customer is looking for. You can rest assured knowing your pool will stay clean with the Smart Tabs because they have the BioGuard name on them.

Smart Tabs are stabilized, concentrated 200g chlorine tablets containing Smart Guard. Smart Tabs kill bacteria continuously by maintaining the proper chlorine level in your pool.


Smart Guard, the patented ingredient in Smart Tabs, prevents them from dissolving too quickly so they’ll last all week or up to twice as long as ordinary tablets.
Easy on pool surfaces, pumps, filters and other equipment; because they’re formulated to dispense only when the pump is running.
Won’t cloud water, and leaves no residue.
Once a week application.
Simply drop the required number of tabs (1 tablet per 25 000l water) into the weir basket – it’s that easy and out of sight.

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