A complete weir for fibreglass swimming pools. This weir is suitable for fibreglass moulded swimming pools. It serve as water suction point, skimmer and/or connection point for APC’s (Automatic Pool Cleaners) to the pump. Included is a weir vacuum lid and weir basket. Suitable for smaller pools/splash pools – 40 000/50 000 litres.

A weir’s primary function is to pull water into the system with a skimming action, which means it pulls in dirt, oil, leaves, twigs, and debris hopefully before they can fall to the bottom of the pool.

Also provides a conveniently located suction line for vacuuming.

A weir forms part of a plumbing system – water enters a pool through the weir. It journey to the pump. From there, the water travels through a filter, then up to solar panels or to the heater (if they are installed) and back through the valves to the pool return lines.

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