The AQUAMAX/EARTHCO swimming pool gunite/concrete weir is installed in most swimming pool concrete/marblite systems as an essential part on the suction side of the swimming pool. The weir helps skimming of leaves from the surface of the swimming pool. It serve as water suction point, skimmer and/or connection point for APC’s (Automatic Pool Cleaners) to the pump. Included is a weir vacuum lid and weir basket. Suitable for smaller pools/splash pools – 40 000/50 000 litres

Also provides a conveniently located suction line for vacuuming.

A weir forms part of a plumbing system – water enters a pool through the weir. It journey to the pump. From there, the water travels through a filter, then up to solar panels or to the heater (if they are installed) and back through the valves to the pool return lines.

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