Description: Our premium quality PTFE tape is the go-to solution for ensuring a tight, leak-proof seal on threaded fittings in various plumbing, piping, and ductwork scenarios. Commonly known as thread seal tape or plumber’s tape, this product is designed for easy application and reliable performance.


  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use on a wide range of threaded fittings, ensuring compatibility with multiple materials including metal and plastic connections.
  • Premium Seal: Provides an effective seal that helps prevent leaks, ensuring a reliable and secure connection in your plumbing systems.
  • Easy to Use: The tape is simple to apply, requiring no special tools. It wraps smoothly around threads and fills in the gaps to prevent leaks.
  • Lubricating Properties: Apart from sealing, it also lubricates the threads, making assembly and disassembly smoother and protecting the threads from damage.
  • Durability: Resistant to most chemicals, the tape ensures a long-lasting seal in various environments, including water, oils, and some chemical applications.

Application Instructions:

  1. Clean the threads of the fitting to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Start wrapping the tape around the second thread from the bottom, keeping it taut.
  3. Wrap in the direction of the thread spiral, overlapping each layer slightly.
  4. Typically, 3-4 wraps are sufficient; however, more may be required for larger fittings or less for smaller ones.
  5. Press the end of the tape into the threads to secure it and trim any excess.
  6. Screw the parts together, applying sufficient torque for a tight fit.


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