Product Description:

Puresan introduces its Water Tank Purifier – a meticulously formulated additive crafted for direct dosing into water tanks. Whether you’re drawing from boreholes or collecting rainwater, Puresan ensures that your water remains suitable for consumption, cooking, and cleaning. Now available in convenient 100ml twist cap bottles.

Dosage Recommendations:

  • For a 1000L borehole tank: Add 100ml
  • For a 1500L rain tank: Add 100ml

Key Features:

  • Broad Application: Tailored for water tanks ranging from 1000L to 4000L, from pristine rainwater to murkier sources like rivers and boreholes.
  • Superior Sanitization: Obliterates 99% of prevalent waterborne bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • High Standards: Complies with and surpasses WHO and US EPA benchmarks for potable water.
  • Certified Quality: Meets the SANS 241 specifications for drinking water when dosed.
  • Maintenance Benefits: Aids in keeping your water distribution systems, including pipes, free from biofilm and hard water scale accumulation.
  • Therapeutic Insights: Several users have reported therapeutic benefits, notably a decline in gastrointestinal symptoms and related ailments.
  • Global Recognition: Recognized and listed in numerous European Union countries as safe for augmenting drinking water.

Puresan Pure Tank is not just about cleaning your water; it’s about elevating the quality of every drop. Ensure the health and wellbeing of your household with this premium solution. A simple addition, profound results.

(Note: Always adhere to dosage guidelines as stipulated on the product label. Store in a cool, dry place, and keep out of the reach of children.)







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