SaltScapes™ Stabilizer
Your salt cell generates unstabilized chlorine which will diminish rapidly when exposed to sunlight’s UV rays. SaltScapes™ SunShield® Stabilizer protects generated chlorine from sunlight, allowing it to last longer and be less demanding on your system. SunShield Stabilizer dissolves quickly and can be added directly to your pool water, unlike alternative stabilizers and conditioners. Maintaining a stabilizer level of 30 ppm will make your generated chlorine last longer, thus minimizing cell run time and creating less demand on your system.


Generated chlorine lasts longer to work more efficiently
Test and use on a monthly basis or as needed

Before adding product, backwash or clean filter and test and balance water. Afer adding, circulate water for 24 hours and Do Not Backwash Filer for at least 48 hours. When the chemical reaches the filter there may be a temporary increase in filter pressure.

Skimmer Application:
Remove any items from skimmer and place in a non-bleachable area away from children and pets. Slowly add product directly into the skimmer with filter and pump operating.

Deep-End Application:
Apply directly to water broadcasting product into the deep end.

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