Speck Pumps is proud that we are, once again, pioneers in the swimming pool industry. With our latest innovation known as the BADU® Solar System, pool and pond owners can connect solar power directly to their Speck Pumps swimming pool or Koi pond pump. Thanks to this system, pool and pond owners can now turn free sunlight into energy that will let their pump run effectively.

The African sun and excellent weather conditions we have here in South Africa are ideal for solar power technology. Most areas receive an average of almost 9 hours of sunlight per day, which is more than enough to run a swimming pool or pond pump. Therefore, installing a Photovoltaic (PV) system will allow your Speck Pumps pump to run 365 days a year!

Our solar (PV) system makes use of 315W panels with a current supply of 338 volts and a booster to generate DC power from the sun. Through the controller box, AC power is converted directly to the pump. Most solar pumps on the market today run on DC power and can generally not provide the output performance of a normal AC pump.

With BADU® Solar System, pool and pond owners can say goodbye to high electricity bills and load shedding hampering their pool’s maintenance.


What Is Included In The Box?

  • 0.75kW Pump
  • 4 x Panels
  • 4 x Boosters
  • 1 Controller
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