Revel in a pristine and hygienic spa experience with Africhem Spa Tabs. Specifically crafted for impeccable spa maintenance, these tablets efficiently sustain chlorine levels, ensuring a thoroughly sanitized spa ambiance.

Product Overview:
Africhem Spa Tabs offer a steadfast solution to uphold appropriate chlorine concentration in your spa. Their primary function is to combat the proliferation of bacteria and other potential pathogens, promising a clean and safeguarded spa environment.

Directions for Use:
To make the most of Africhem Spa Tabs, ensure consistent monitoring of your spa’s Free Chlorine levels. Aim to maintain the ideal concentration between 3-5 ppm. Regular testing with Aquachek test strips can help track this. If the chlorine levels exceed the recommended range, it’s advisable to remove the tablets promptly.

Key Features:

  • Chlorine Level Maintenance: Specially designed to consistently sustain optimal chlorine levels in spa water, guaranteeing thorough sanitization.
  • Effective Sanitization: Skilfully combats the emergence of bacteria and other detrimental microorganisms, ensuring your spa remains uncontaminated and hygienic.
  • Slow Dissolving: The tablets are engineered to dissolve gradually, providing a steady release of chlorine over time.
  • Safety Precaution: Regular monitoring with Aquachek test strips can help ensure chlorine levels remain within the 3-5 ppm range for safe and enjoyable spa usage.

Trust Africhem Spa Tabs to elevate your spa experience. With their proficient chlorine maintenance and sanitization capabilities, they guarantee a spa setting that’s not just clean but also secure. Embrace the luxury of a spa, paired with the peace of mind that Africhem brings. Dive into relaxation with confidence!

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