There are numerous water sources and the common ones being rain water, river water, underground wells and springs. This water can be converted into high quality potable water. The #WaterMaker is a specially formulated chemical compound that is used as an additive to purify contaminated water. You need 2.5g sachet of WaterMaker purifier to settle any impurities and disinfect the contaminants in a 10Litre container of raw water and ready to drink in 10minutes  http://www.watermakersachets.com/sites/default/files/WaterMaker_0.pdf

An innovative water treatment solution to bring clean drinking water to families, communities, and disaster relief or drinking access programs. Combined flocculation and disinfectant sachets for treating water at the household level. These sachets are used when water is too turbid for chlorine tablets to be effective on their own. The contents is mixed with water and after 30 minutes the flocculant causes the suspended material to clump together then sink. Clear, chlorinated  water can be poured off and used.

  • Sachet treats 7 -10 litres
  • contains aluminium sulphate and chlorine

User notes

Typically, for use in flooding type scenarios where people are still in their houses and it is impossible to have a centralized water point. After explaining to families how to use the sachet they should be given up to a months supply solely for drinking water. This strategy is only for the first few weeks of an emergency.

  • 3000 sachets is sufficient for providing drinking water (4 liters per person per day) for 250 people for 30 days.


  1. add contents of sachet to a container and stir
  2. wait 30 minutes then pour water into another container, through a filter of cotton cloth to capture the sediment
  3. water is then ready for drinking

Purifies 20L of naturally polluted water!
*Contains 1.4% available chlorine.
Makes naturally polluted water safe for drinking, washing and cooking.

Flocculates solids.
Chlorine eliminates all waterborne diseases (such as cholera)
Removes colours from water.


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